Rugby Legend Tommy Bowe gets iWALKing

When we heard that Tommy Bowe had injured his ankle in a recent international match we were devastated.  Then we thought of our new iWALK Free 2.0 handsfree crutch and decided to send one to him.   

It seems that that the iWALK has really helped Tommy get around while recovering and he has said that its better than crutches.   

We wish you a speedy recovery Tommy and hope that the iWALK keeps you mobile during your recovery.  

You can see Tommy here on his iWALK.

To find out more about the iWALK you can visit our dedicated site –

The iWalk is a great alternative to crutches which can be hard to walk in.  If you have a lower leg injury that needs to be non-weight bearing the iWalk is a great solution. It gives you full use of your hands and arms removing any arm and shoulder fatigue.

Who can use the iWalk?

The iWalk 2.0 works for most people, but not everyone.  Regardless of age, if you can pass these physical ability tests, you should be capable of using the iWalk 2.0.

  • You had average strength and balance
  • Can you balance on one foot for a full 30 seconds?
  • You could walk normally without a limp, shuffle, etc.
  • You could go up or down stairs without requiring a handrail for balance or support.

If you cannot do these things, then iWALK probably will not work for you.



  • Easy to assemble at home. No tools required, follow our simple assembly guide.
  • Hands free and pain free giving you total mobility
  • Learning to iWalk is quick, easy and intuitive – Just follow our simple getting started guide.
  • Inexpensive and affordable
  • Suitable for almost anyone.  If you can walk you can use the iwalk
  • Superior alternative to crutches and knee walkers.

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