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  • The Importance of a High-Quality Transfer Board: A Look at the Buckingham Glideboard
    The Importance of a High-Quality Transfer Board: A Look at the Buckingham Glideboard

    For individuals with limited mobility, a reliable and efficient transfer board is essential. Whether transitioning from a wheelchair to a bed, car seat, or another surface, the right transfer board can make a world of difference. That's where the Buckingham Glideboard stands out. Designed with input from clinical experts and occupational therapists, the Glideboard is not just another transfer board—it's a game-changer in mobility assistance.

    Revolutionising Transfer Boards with Expert Collaboration

    Buckingham Healthcare has taken the traditional transfer board and reimagined every detail. This rethinking process was guided by insights from multiple clinical experts and occupational therapists, ensuring that the Glideboard addresses the real-world challenges faced by users and caregivers alike. The result is a transfer board that is easier to use, more convenient, stronger, and safer than its predecessors.

    Ease of Use and Convenience

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  • Redefining Post-Fall Management: Mangar Lifting Cushions
    Redefining Post-Fall Management: Mangar Lifting Cushions

    As the demand for efficient post-fall management escalates in the Irish healthcare sector, insights from successful implementations abroad shed light on potential game-changing solutions. While the Irish market lacks comprehensive data on post-fall management, the United Kingdom presents a wealth of experience, particularly with the pioneering Mangar range, which boasts over two decades of service.

    Recent endeavors, such as the pilot conducted by Norfolk County Council, underscore the transformative potential of strategic initiatives. In this pilot, an innovative blend of specialised equipment and technology led to a staggering 75% reduction in avoidable ambulance call outs due to resident falls within care homes.

    Central to this success story is the convergence of two key elements: the Mangar lifting cushion and the ISTUMBLE™ health assessment app. The Mangar lifting cushion facilitates safe and swift resident repositioning, minimising the detrimental effects of prolonged

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  • Dash Forearm Walker Super Summer Sale
    Dash Forearm Walker Super Summer Sale
    WAS €299 & NOW ONLY €129!
    The Dash Forearm Walker is an elegantly lightweight mobility solution engineered for optimum user autonomy.
    Crafted to uphold a healthy posture, this walker encourages upright walking, enhancing mobility longevity. With adjustable forearm troughs catering to diverse users, its aluminium frame ensures durability without compromising weight.
    Equipped with sturdy front and rear castors, it guarantees stability for outdoor excursions.
    Easy-to-use brakes offer control, prioritising safety.
    Limited stocks as this fantastic price.
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