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  1. Pocket Magnifier

    Pocket magnifier that provides 4.5 x magnification
    Swivels into a handy pouch
  2. Handy Grab Reacher - 30"

    Ideal for individuals with limited hand strength
    30" long to help users reach higher objects
  3. Ready Reacher 26"

    26" reaching tool that folds to reduce length for storage
    Easy to use finger-operated trigger
    Special Price €9.99 Regular Price €19.00
  4. Universal Tap Turners

    Helps improve grip on taps
    Suitable for use on most indoor taps
  5. Pack Of 50 Medical Masks

    ≥ 98% Filtration Against Virus & Bacteria
    50 masks per pack
    Special Price €16.99 Regular Price €19.95
  6. Flip A Grip

    Small enough to fit in spaces where large grab bars won’t
    Foldable & simple to install
  7. Handy Leg Lifter

    A simple way to help lift your leg
    Flexible rubber foot grip to prevent the foot from sliding
  8. Anti Slip Coasters and Mats

    Anti-slip placemats available in a range of sizes and options
    Provides a firm grip onto any smooth surface
    As low as €19.00

Items 1-8 of 27

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