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  1. Handy Grab Reacher - 30"

    Ideal for individuals with limited hand strength
    30" long to help users reach higher objects
  2. Anti Slip Coasters and Mats

    Anti-slip placemats available in a range of sizes and options
    Provides a firm grip onto any smooth surface
    As low as €9.00
  3. Handy Leg Lifter

    A simple way to help lift your leg
    Flexible rubber foot grip to prevent the foot from sliding
  4. Pocket Magnifier

    Pocket magnifier that provides 4.5 x magnification
    Swivels into a handy pouch
  5. Universal Tap Turners

    Helps improve grip on taps
    Suitable for use on most indoor taps
  6. Magnifier 75mm

    Built in light to provide a source of light when needed
    Distortion-free viewing over the entire surface area
  7. Two Handled Cup and Saucer

    Ideal for Arthritis suffers or those with limited hand strength
    Made from lightweight bone china
    Special Price €19.00 Regular Price €29.00
  8. Flip A Grip

    Small enough to fit in spaces where large grab bars won’t
    Foldable & simple to install

Items 1-8 of 23

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