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  1. LaserCane Walking Stick

    Designed to help people with gait freezing or gait ignition failure
    For people with Parkinsonメs Disease, Ataxia and stroke rehabilitation
    Out of stock
  2. Grey Ferrule

    The hard wearing ferrules are an essential consumable
    Available to suit a range of products
    As low as €3.99
  3. Stick Holder

    Fits most walking sticks
    A simple and convenient way to hang your stick
    Out of stock
  4. Aluminium Height Adjustable Walking Stick

    Produced from lightweight anodised aluminium material
    There are slip-resistant tips for added safety
  5. Stick Strap

    Fastens to your wrist
    A handy little strap to stop you dropping your walking stick
    Out of stock
  6. Adjustable Walking Stick

    Adjustable walking stick comes with a wrist strap
    Easily folded away to fit in any bag, pocket or pouch
    Out of stock
  7. Black Twist Folding Walking Stick

    Maximum weight capacity 135kg (21st)
    Folds into 4 convenient parts
    Out of stock
  8. Red Crackle Folding Walking Stick

    Handle height adjustable, attractive, wooden T-handle
    Folds into 4 convenient parts
    Out of stock
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