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  1. Independence At Home After A Hip Replacement

    Independence At Home After A Hip Replacement

    At Beechfield Healthcare, we regularly offer our expertise to people who have had hip replacement surgery. These customers are often referred to us by their occupational therapists and we have many products that can help them. Although every case is different there are some products available that can greatly improve mobility after the procedure. In this article, we will outline a list of products that will help improve movement, comfort and confidence.

    1. The 5-Piece Hip Kit

    This popular hip kit contains five useful products to make everyday living after hip replacement surgery easier. The hip kit includes:

    • A long handled bath sponge:
      As mentioned previously, the majority of falls in Ireland occur in the bathroom. This product will help anyone who has had hip replacement surgery and is experiencing mobility issues whilst
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  2. Reclaiming VAT On Disability Products

    Reclaiming VAT On Disability Products

    In Ireland, a person who buys disability products is eligible for VAT relief. The term, ‘disability’, in this case, refers to people who suffer from both mental and physical disabilities. In this article, we will explain the criteria a person must meet and the processes they must follow in order to obtain VAT relief.

    To find out if you are eligible to claim a VAT refund on your mobility product or daily living aidtake a read through the following criteria to see if you are applicable:

    •  You must live in Ireland.
    •  You must have a disability.
    • You need the aid or appliance of a disability product to help with daily activities.

    The following list of products for the disabled meet the criteria when attempting to reclaim VAT:

    • Necessary domestic aids. Examples include eating and drinking aids
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