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  1. Five Key Benefits Of The iWalk

    Five Key Benefits Of The iWalk

    The award winning iWALK is a hands-free crutch and is the best alternative to conventional crutches and knee scooters for all below-the-knee injuries.

    Five key benefits of the iWalk:

    1. Improved mobility: With traditional crutches, you have to rely on your upper body strength to propel yourself forward. This can be tiring and may not be feasible for people with limited upper body strength. With an iWalk, you can use your legs to move forward, which can be less tiring and allow you to cover longer distances more easily.
    2. Increased independence: The iWalk allows you to move around more easily and independently, which can be especially helpful if you have a temporary injury or disability.
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  2. 10 Tips to Avoid Falls At Home

    10 Tips to Avoid Falls At Home

    Falls can be dangerous, especially for adults with mobility challenges. Here are 10 tips to help you avoid falls at home:

    1. Keep your home well lit, especially at night. Use night lights in hallways and bathrooms, and consider installing
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  3. Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

    Christmas & New Year Opening Hours
    • Open: Tuesday, December 20th
    • Open: Wednesday, December 21st*
    • Open: Thursday, December 22nd
    • Open: Friday, December 23rd
    • Closed: Monday, December 26th
    • Closed: Tuesday, December 27th
    • Closed: Wednesday, December 28th
    • Closed: Thursday, December 29th
    • Closed: Friday, December 30th
    • Closed: Monday, January 2nd
    • Open: Tuesday, January 3rd

    *12pm is the cut-off date for receipt of orders for delivery before Christmas. All orders received after 12pm on Wednesday, December 21st through to closing for the holiday break on Friday, December 23rd, will be delivered from the day after the office reopens on Tuesday, 3rd January.

    **We advise that larger items (beds & riser recliners) are ordered on or before Friday 16th December to ensure delivery before the Christmas break.

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