Riser Recliners

  1. Keeping Mum and Dad At Home. Part 2: Living Room

    Keeping Mum and Dad At Home. Part 2: Living Room

    We tend to spend a lot of our time in our living rooms, being comfortable and relaxing. But to do this, we need to have a chair that we find easy to get in and out of and one that also suits our posture and needs. The importance of a comfortable and accessible seat increases as we get older and sometimes, our parents might need one that can aid them in the everyday task of sitting down or getting up or simply just need one with a comfier seat or higher back

    Often, we can find ourselves in an armchair that isn’t suitable for long periods of sitting because they are based on appearances rather than functionality. In many cases, the height and depth of the sofa or armchair is not accurate for those using them for many reasons, such as them being too narrow or too wide or because the furniture is old and used. This can then affect our posture and muscle function and cause a decline in the speed our bodies move at. Sometimes we tend to sit in positions

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  2. Beechfield Healthcare Are The Irish Distributors Of The P'Pod

    Beechfield Healthcare Are The Irish Distributors Of The P'Pod

    We have become the only Irish Distributors of the P’Pod.

    The P'Pod in a vibrant blue

    The P'Pod product has been designed to offer disabled children and adults a comfortable seating experience with full support. It can be used at home or in day care centres and with its bean bag base, it’s easy to move around the house and doesn’t take up a lot of space unlike other supported chairs. The bean bag base allows the restricted user to feel at ease and relaxed while also receiving full postural support which in the long run is very influential for their development.The P'Pod in pink

    The P’Pod has a unique patented design that offers either a symmetrical

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  3. 15% Off This Black Friday

    15% Off This Black Friday

    We are celebrating Black Friday with 15% off online purchases sitewide this Friday 24th and Saturday 25th November.

     To start saving enter the code BLACK15 at the checkout. This offer excludes stairlifts and items that are already on sale. 

    You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to make fantastic savings online.

    Now is a great time to start thinking about your Christmas list.  A mobility or daily living aid is a thoughtful gift for elderly family and friends. Here are some considerate gift ideas that will make you very popular!


    Back Bedrest €29.99

    Back Rest

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  4. Introducing Beechfield Rentals

    Introducing Beechfield Rentals

    Best value mobility rentals

    We are delighted to announce that we have just launched our new rentals website – www.beechfieldrentals.ie.

    We have recognised that sometimes this equipment is needed only for a set period of time. Injuries, accidents and illness may mean that you need a mobility aid only for the duration of your recovery.

     Our rental prices are unmatched throughout the Republic of Ireland. You can rent a knee walker or wheelchair from us from as little as €12 per week.  A Mobility Scooter can be rented from €60 a week.   Check out www.beechfieldrentals.ie for full

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  5. Pressure Mapping & Correct Seating

    Pressure Mapping & Correct Seating

    There is always an ongoing debate about what is the best pressure cushion on the market. Is there really one cushion that offers the optimum solution for pressure relief for all? In reality such a cushion doesn’t exist. However, at Beechfield Healthcare our state-of-the-art pressure mapping technology now offers you the opportunity find the optimum cushions for your patients.

    What is a pressure map?

    A pressure map is a computerised tool for assessing pressure distribution. To use it, you first place the thin sensor mat on a seat, wheelchair or mattress. When your patient sits or lies on the mat, a computer screen displays a heat-map of pressure distribution. The hotter colours (oranges and reds) indicate areas of higher pressures, and the cooler colours (blues) indicate areas of lower pressures.

    Sample Pressure Map

    By testing various cushions and their results on the chair we can help to find the best fit for each of your patients. OTs in particular

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  6. Choosing the right Riser Recliners

    Choosing the right Riser Recliners

    A Riser Recliner is ideal if you have difficulty standing up or sitting down due to restricted mobility, e.g. MS, Arthritis, Rheumatism or circulation problems. These ingenious chairs will gently guide you into a standing or seating position with the use of a built in motor. The Riser Recliner can recline to a number of settings and also raise the footrest to give you a large choice of seating positions.

    What is the difference between single motor and dual motor?

    You can purchase a Riser Recliner with either a single or dual motor. Single motor riser recliners will lower the backrest whilst simultaneously raising the footrest, relaxing you into a comfortable laying position. With a dual motor riser recliner there are two motors which raise and lower the back and foot rests independently, allowing you an almost infinite number of positions to choose from. A dual motor riser recliner is suitable if you need to be able to sit up vertically but also keep your legs raised.

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  7. Reclaiming VAT On Disability Products

    Reclaiming VAT On Disability Products

    In Ireland, a person who buys disability products is eligible for VAT relief. The term, ‘disability’, in this case, refers to people who suffer from both mental and physical disabilities. In this article, we will explain the criteria a person must meet and the processes they must follow in order to obtain VAT relief.

    To find out if you are eligible to claim a VAT refund on your mobility product or daily living aidtake a read through the following criteria to see if you are applicable:

    •  You must live in Ireland.
    •  You must have a disability.
    • You need the aid or appliance of a disability product to help with daily activities.

    The following list of products for the disabled meet the criteria when attempting to reclaim VAT:

    • Necessary domestic aids. Examples include eating and drinking aids
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