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Bathing Aids

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  1. Deluxe Bath Bench - Without Backrest

    Angled legs with suction style feet for additional stability
    Height adjustable
  2. Bath Stool with Rotating Seat

    Rotating seat reduces twisting and reaching
    Tool-free assembly
  3. Slatted Bath Board - 4 Slat

    Fits across top of bath to facilitate access in and out
    Suitable for acrylic and enamel baths
  4. Slatted Bath Board - 6-Slat

    Features 6 slats for extra support requirements
    Easy fitting to the bath
    As low as €69.00
  5. Langham Platform Bath Step

    Modular height adjustment - extra sections to be added or removed
    Textured non-slip surface
  6. Bathtub Board

    Anti-slip seat, available in two lengths 69cm and 74.5cm
    Includes holding grip
  7. Swiveling Bath Seat

    Enables users to easily rotate their body and legs into bath
    Sturdy steel base frame
  8. Swivel Bath Seat Width Adjustable

    Width adjustable between 27" and 29" (68cm - 73cm)
    Smoothly rotates 360°

8 Items

per page
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