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  1. Are Mobility Scooters Better Than Cars?

    Are Mobility Scooters Better Than Cars?

    People with mobility issues may often consider buying a mobility scooter for getting around and carrying out everyday tasks. They may also wonder how a mobility scooter compares to cars in terms of flexibility, convenience and legislation. If you are one of these people, or have a loved one considering the purchase of a mobility scooter, Beechfield Healthcare offers the following advice.

    Choose the right mobility scooter for you: 

    Before buying a mobility scooter, it is important to assess the situation so that you can make the right purchase. Factors include the severity and expected length of mobility issues, the amount of journeying that will be done in the mobility scooter and the type of terrain that the scooter will be travelling on regularly. These factors together should determine whether a mobility scooter is worth a purchase and which type best meets your needs.

    Legislation involved in mobility scooters

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  2. 5 Considerations When Buying A Stairlift

    5 Considerations When Buying A Stairlift

    For people struggling with mobility issues in a multi-storey home, a stairlift is often the most practical solution to moving between different levels of a house with relative ease and comfort. Before making such a purchase, however, it is important to do your research and consider the following points so that you buy the stairlift that best meets you or a loved one’s individual needs.

    1. Consider the budget: 
    It is important to consider the budget when buying a stairlift. If you or a loved one has a considerable budget, then a brand new high quality stairlift can be purchased. If on a tight budget, you might consider buying or renting a pre-owned or reconditioned stairlift. Most pre-owned stairlifts should be under warranty and cover any maintenance costs. 

    2. Know the staircase details for stairlift installation: 
    It is good

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  3. 4 Tips For Senior Independence At Home

    As we get older, it is important to maintain as much independence as possible to maintain good health and quality of life. Beechfield Healthcare has the following tips for older people living at home and how they can continue to maintain independence around the house.

    1.  Have a positive, can-do attitude

    As we get older and begin to slow down, it is often the case that elderly people find themselves becoming overly-reliant on others to assist them at home. While no-one should overexert themselves, it’s important to have an enthusiastic, take-charge attitude when approaching potential obstacles around the house.

    2.  Research devices and aids that can help around the house

    Some senior citizens may have a physical disability that might reduce their independence levels around the home. To deal with obstacles like these, there are a number of devices and gadgets

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