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Whether you’re looking for a self-propelled, transit, travel or paediatric wheelchair, we have a wheelchair to suit all needs and budgets. Our range of wheelchairs is designed to suit your lifestyle and requirements. From lightweight and compact wheelchairs that are ideal for travel to modular and prescriptive wheelchairs.

Choosing the right wheelchair is very important and you need to ensure that it’s the perfect fit to offer optimal comfort and pressure relief. The Wheelchair you choose will depend on several factors. The main factors are usually age, body type, diagnosis or reason for using a wheelchair, how transportable it needs to be and whether it will be mainly used inside or outside the home.

Our range of steel and aluminium Wheelchairs addresses all the factors above. For complex seating extra accessories like pelvic straps, different height backs, laterals and headrests can be added. A pressure cushion may also be needed for pressure relief.

Which Wheelchair is right for me?

Self-Propelled Wheelchairs allow you to wheel yourself with their large wheels using your upper body strength. They are ideal for short journeys, steering them with your upper body strength. Travel Wheelchairs are aluminium chairs that are designed for short-distance travel both inside and outside like trips to the shopping centre, hospital visits, the airport etc. Transit Wheelchairs have handles on the back to allow a carer or family member to take control of pushing and steering the wheelchair.

Our seating experts will do a detailed wheelchair assessment to customise a chair to best suit your individual needs. Please contact us to arrange an assessment on 0818 989 353 or alternatively contact your Occupational Therapist.

Wheelchair accessories

At Beechfield Healthcare, we have a large range of wheelchair accessories and attachments including wheelchair ramps, cushions, capes, wheelchair bags, headrests, elevating leg rests and much more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please call us on 1980 989 353.

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