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  1. Slicing Helper

    Holds food securely to allow the knife to glide through the slots
    Perfect for cutting tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, eggs, et
  2. Easy Grip Spoon

    Perfect for anyone with arthritis or limited hand grip
    Dishwasher safe
  3. Kettle Tipper

    For safe pouring of boiling water
    Includes a Velcro strap
    Special Price €9.99 Regular Price €49.00
  4. Universal Cup

    Holds hot or cold liquid and is dishwasher safe
    Comes with spout and anti splash lid
  5. Comfort Cutlery Grips

    Each item of cutlery is fitted with a large, soft rubber handle
    Includes fork, knife, spoon and teaspoon
  6. Anti Slip Coasters and Mats

    Anti-slip placemats available in a range of sizes and options
    Provides a firm grip onto any smooth surface
    As low as €19.00
  7. Two Handled Cup and Saucer

    Ideal for Arthritis suffers or those with limited hand strength
    Made from lightweight bone china

7 Items

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