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  1. Slatted Bath Board

    Fits across the top of the bath to facilitate access in and out
    Easy fitting to the bath
    As low as €49.00
  2. Banana Board Prime - Seated Transfer Board

    Curved board shape allows side to side and straight transfers.
    Max user weight of 200kg (30 St).
  3. Bathtub Board

    Anti-slip seat, available in two lengths 69cm and 74.5cm
    Includes holding grip
  4. Q2 Seated Banana Board

    Curved board with non-slip pads, ideal for side-to-side transfers
    Max user weight of 285kg (44 St).
  5. Ambiturn Transfer Sling

    Velcro strap and buckle lock for extra security & support
    Available in 3 sizes
    As low as €209.00
  6. Lateral Folding Banana Board

    Unique folding mechanism for semi upright patient transfer
    hinged folding mechanism
    As low as €279.00
  7. Lateral Rigid Banana Board

    Lightweight with six handles for easier transportating
    Rigid flat transfer board
    As low as €295.00
  8. Ambiturn Sit To Stand Transfer Aid

    Assists with pivoting transfers between different seat surfaces
    Requires user to bear weight

Items 1-8 of 12

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