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I need a powerchair

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  1. Robooter E40

    Quick and simple folding
    Seamless maneuverability in tight spaces and turns
    Special Price €3,499.00 Regular Price €3,799.00
  2. Robooter X40

    One-touch folding mechanism
    Zero turning radius
    Special Price €3,999.00 Regular Price €4,499.00
  3. Enigma Energi Powerchair-46 cm (18 inch)

    A top speed of 4mph
    Half fold backrest with steel back posts for additional strength
    Special Price €1,699.00 Regular Price €1,899.00
    Out of stock
  4. Click And Go Lite

    Enables you to add power to your standard wheelchair
    A small, lightweight pack mounts to the frame of the manual wheelchair
  5. Titan Powerchair

    Maximum speed of 4mph
    Maximum range of 15 miles on a full battery charge*
    Special Price €1,769.00 Regular Price €1,899.00
    Out of stock
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