How To Choose a Profiling Bed

We get asked quite a lot about how to choose the correct profiling bed for home use.  So, we’ve put together this blog to go through the features and benefits of a profiling bed.  We also have a fantastic offer on profiling beds and mattresses running in march.  It includes a standard height (40-80cm) or low (23-63cm) Casa Nuova 4 fully profiling bed with integral side rails, a standard low risk mattress and free delivery and installation for only €998 while stocks last.  To find out more call us on 1890 989 353 or email

What is a Profiling Bed?

Profiling beds are beds that can be adjusted to allow the backrest, legrest and knee brake to be electrically adjusted. This allows the user’s position to be changed without strain on either the patient or the carer.  4-part profiling are most common for home use.  A four-part bed is ideal as it keeps the bottom horizontal while raising the knees.  See our profiling beds 


The Main Advantages of a Profiling Bed Are:

• Respiratory and circulatory difficulties can be eased through profiling the bed to suit the patient’s needs.

• Our hospital profiling beds also have a height adjustment, so the carer can work at a safe height when giving treatments, etc.

• Using the electronic settings, the risk of injury to the carer is eliminated, and the independence and dignity of the user are maintained.

• It may make it possible for someone to get out of bed unaided, if they can raise themselves into a sitting position first.

• it makes using a hoist easier.


Low Level Hospital Beds

A low level hospital bed is ideal for patients who are liable to fall or climb out of bed and hurt themselves.  Like a standard profiling bed these beds can be adjusted to as low as 23cm from the ground.  With the use of side rails or floor safety mats it offers the most safety to someone who is inclined to fall out of bed. 

It also allows the carer to work at a height which is safe and convenient for them, before returning their patient to a much lower level for sleeping.  See our Low Beds 

Bariatric Profiling Beds

For larger patients, a bariatric profiling bed may offer more comfort.  These 4ft beds are wider and can accommodate weights of up to 286kg (45st).  Bariatric beds are available in both standard height and low level entry beds and have all the benefits of a profiling bed mentioned above.  See our Bariatric Beds 


Other Electric Profiling Beds

It is also possible to get a profiling bed that is designed within a standard bed look.  This allows you to have all the benefits of a profiling bed without the hospital bed look.  Our range of Devon and Richmond beds will fit in comfortably in any bedroom.  They are ideally suited to someone who has good mobility but either needs help sitting up and lying down or needs to sleep in a slightly elevated position. 


Mattresses for Profiling Beds

Like with any type of bed there are a wide range of mattresses for use on profiling beds.  It is important that you use a mattress made for profiling beds to ensure that the bed can profile correctly.  If you are looking at hospital style profiling bed you need to consider the mobility levels of the patient.  If they have limited mobility and spends a great deal of time in bed, a compatible pressure relief mattress should be chosen.  These range from low risk of developing pressure sores right up to high risk.  See our range of mattresses 


Choosing the Right Bed and Mattress for you

If you need any further help you should contact your occupational therapist or public health nurse or alternatively call us on 1890 989 353 to speak to a product specialist today.