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  1. Choosing The Right Walking Aid

    Choosing The Right Walking Aid

    Although for some people a Walking Aid may initially represent dependence and disability, ironically, we find that once people begin to use one and experience an improved sense stability it actually offers even more independence and they have more freedom than before.   If you feel you need an extra support, don’t restrict yourself, get a Walking Aid and stay active.  Don’t miss out on catching-up with friends and family.   


    In general, Rollators, because of their wheels and agility, are best if you are able to walk, but need help with balance and stability, or fatigue easily. Most rollators also have a basket or storage bag so they can be used to carry a wallet, phone, keys or other items, and many have a built-in seat.  They are available in both 3 and 4 wheel versions and most are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


    If you cannot bear weight on one or both legs

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  2. Top 10 Bathroom Products

    Top 10 Bathroom Products

    Top Ten Bathroom Products

    Our wide range of bathroom products offers a solution to almost all of the everyday issues you can find in the bathroom if you have reduced or limited mobility.  Fall prevention and the retention of bathroom privacy and independence are key to us all.  The following products are our top 10 bathroom sellers.

    1. Bath, shower and toilet grab rails.  One of the keys to bathroom safety is balance. By maintaining your balance, you are less likely to slip or trip and can prevent bad falls.  A properly installed grab rail can provide balance assistance exactly where you need it.
    2. For a walk in shower a shower stool or chair allows users to sit down and bathe with ease.
    3. For safe bathing in the bath a bath chair or stool can help to make it easier to sit down in the bath.
    4. A long armed sponge can help with washing if you have reduced mobility.
    5. A toilet frame has armrest on each side to give you
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  3. Top 8 things to know when buying a Rollator

    Top 8 things to know when buying a Rollator

    Rollators are an ideal solution for people who suffer from a long term disability, loss of confidence, stamina or strength. Rollators are a great way of increasing your mobility and giving you the support that you need while you are walking and also provide you with the safety of a security of seat for times when you are feeling tired and may need a rest. They are also a great replacement for a walking stick as a Rollator will provide support to both your arms. 

    Top 8 Questions to ask yourself before you purchase a Walker/Rollator: 

    1. Do you use a crutch or a walking stick as well? – You may need a Rollator that has a built in crutch/stick holder.

    2. What weight is the Rollator? – A walker can be made from steel or aluminium. A walker made of steel will be heavier ideal for people who need more grounding; however, a heavier walker is not always ideal for everyone.  The lightweight aluminium Rollators are more popular due to the ease

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  4. Selecting the Correct Wheelchair

    Selecting the Correct Wheelchair

    Choosing the right wheelchair is very important and you need to ensure that it’s the perfect fit to offer optimal comfort and pressure relief.   The Wheelchair you choose will depend on a number of factors.  The main factors are usually age, body type, diagnosis or reason for using a wheelchair, how transportable it needs to be and whether it will be mainly used inside or outside the home.  Our range of steel and aluminium Wheelchairs address all of the factors above.  For complex seating extra accessories like pelvic straps, different height backs, laterals and headrests can be added.  A pressure cushion may also be needed for pressure relief. 

    Self Propelled Wheelchairs

    Self Propelled Wheelchairs have large wheels on the back that allow you to propel yourself over short distances and are ideal if you have the upper body strength to steer and drive the chair on your own.  A Self Propelled Wheelchair, because of the large wheels,

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