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  1. Rugby Legend Tommy Bowe gets iWALKing

    Rugby Legend Tommy Bowe gets iWALKing

    When we heard that Tommy Bowe had injured his ankle in a recent international match we were devastated.  Then we thought of our new iWALK Free 2.0 handsfree crutch and decided to send one to him.   

    It seems that that the iWALK has really helped Tommy get around while recovering and he has said that its better than crutches.   

    We wish you a speedy recovery Tommy and hope that the iWALK keeps you mobile during your recovery.  

    You can see Tommy here on his iWALK.

    To find out more about the iWALK you can visit our dedicated site –

    The iWalk is a great alternative to crutches which can be hard to walk in.  If you have a lower leg injury that needs to be non-weight bearing the iWalk is a great solution. It gives you full use of your hands and arms removing any arm and shoulder

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  2. How To Choose a Profiling Bed

    How To Choose a Profiling Bed

    We get asked quite a lot about how to choose the correct profiling bed for home use.  So, we’ve put together this blog to go through the features and benefits of a profiling bed.  We also have a fantastic offer on profiling beds and mattresses running in march.  It includes a standard height (40-80cm) or low (23-63cm) Casa Nuova 4 fully profiling bed with integral side rails, a standard low risk mattress and free delivery and installation for only €998 while stocks last.  To find out more call us on 1890 989 353 or email

    What is a Profiling Bed?

    Profiling beds are beds that can be adjusted to allow the backrest, legrest and knee brake to be electrically adjusted. This allows the user’s position to be changed without strain on either the patient or the carer.  4-part profiling are most common for home use.  A four-part

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