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  1. Drive Female Urinal

    Lightweight, durable and easy to clean
    Approx 0.9L capacity
  2. Male Urinal

    Snap on lid designed to prevent spills
    Holds up to 35oz (1L)
  3. Maxi Absorbent Regular Discreet Shaped Incontinence Pads

    Breathable to enable the air to flow for maximum skin integrity.
    Variety of sizes available
    As low as €14.85
  4. Stretch Support Pants Small

    Figure hugging pants that hold shaped incontinence pads securely
    Reduce the risk of leakage and maximize the absorbency of pads
    Special Price €1.00 Regular Price €29.00
  5. Maxi Absorb Unisex Discreet Incontinence Pull Ups

    Super Absorbent - retains 50 times its own weight in liquid
    Medium, Large or XLarge
    Out of stock
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