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  1. Universal Wheelchair Headrest/Cushion

    Fits most wheelchairs with push handles up to 2.5cm in diameter
    Height, width and angle can be adjusted easily
    Special Price €49.99 Regular Price €239.00
    Out of stock
  2. Threshold Ramps

    Narrow enough for most doorways.ᅠ
    Lightweight with an excellent check plate grip surface.
    As low as €99.00
  3. Folding Ramps

    Available in 3' or 6'
    The two hinged tracks simply unfold for ease of use
    Out of stock
  4. 3 Foot Roll Up Ramp

    Designed for use with Scooters, Powerchairs and Wheelchairs
    Portable or fixed ramp
  5. 7 Foot Channel Ramp

    Designed for use with wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs or scooters
    Slip resistant coating.
  6. Smart Ramp

    6 foot ramp for use with wheelchairs, powerchairs & scooters
    Folds in half
  7. Click And Go Lite

    Enables you to add power to your standard wheelchair
    A small, lightweight pack mounts to the frame of the manual wheelchair
  8. Powerstroll S Drive Heavy Duty

    Makes easy work of hills, ramps and uneven surfaces
    Weight capacity 180kg (28stone) including wheelchair and the user

Items 1-8 of 9

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