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  1. Portable Bath Step

    Single step used on its own gives raise of 10cm (4”)
    Multiple steps can be stacked
  2. Banana Board Prime - Seated Transfer Board

    Curved board shape allows side to side and straight transfers.
    Max user weight of 200kg (30 St).
  3. Bath Platform Step

    Available in two heights to suit bath height and user requirements
    Non-slip cork design
    As low as €69.00
  4. Deluxe Bath Bench - With Backrest

    Backrest which can be easily fitted for extra support
    Corrosion-proof frame
  5. Slatted Bath Seat

    3 different heights available to suit various bath height and users
    Max user weight of 190kg
    As low as €69.00
  6. Langham Platform Bath Step

    Modular height adjustment - extra sections to be added or removed
    Textured non-slip surface
  7. Q2 Seated Banana Board

    Curved board with non-slip pads, ideal for side-to-side transfers
    Max user weight of 285kg (44 St).
  8. Swiveling Bath Seat

    Enables users to easily rotate their body and legs into bath
    Sturdy steel base frame

Items 1-8 of 10

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