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  1. Child Aluminium Forearm Crutch - Red

    Assists with mobility of children who can partially weight bear
    Both shaft and cuff heights are easily adjustable
  2. Single Adjustable Aluminium Forearm Crutch Large

    Weight Capacity of 127kg (20st)
    Overall Length from 89cm (35“) to 109cm (43“)
  3. Double Adjustable Aluminium Forearm Crutches

    Lightweight aluminium
    Slip resistant, grey rubber ferrules
    As low as €29.00
  4. Adult / Bariatric Forearm Crutches

    Extra-large tips for added stability
    Maximum weight capacity 36st
  5. Forearm/Gutter Crutch

    Lightweight forearm platform crutches
    Robust trough for additional support
  6. Double Adjustable Anatomic Comfort Grip Crutch

    Handgrips are ergonomically designed
    Both cuff and handgrip heights adjust
  7. Youth Aluminium Underarm Crutch - User Height 4'6" - 5'2"

    Durable, latex free underarm pad
    Push pin adjustment
  8. XXL Rehab Crutch Universal Grip

    Height adjustable with universal grip.
    Weight capacity of 325kg/51st

Items 1-8 of 11

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