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  1. Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits

    Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits
    A home test for the rapid qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus antigen
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  2. Beechfield Stairlifts Win Top Honours At Handicare Stairlift 2021 Partner Awards

    Beechfield Stairlifts Win Top Honours At Handicare Stairlift 2021 Partner Awards
    Beechfield Stairlifts Win Top Honours At Handicare Stairlift 2021 Partner Awards
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  3. Travelling Around Ireland with a Mobility Aid

    Travelling Around Ireland with a Mobility Aid

    Mobility aids provide an excellent service to their users and make it accessible for them to travel across the road or even across the globe.

    When people have a love for travel, it shouldn’t have to suffer just because they are struggling with mobility or increasing age. Mobility aids help to give them back their confidence and allow them to continue to travel with friends or families. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful country with many historic and scenic attractions that are suitable for all ages and all levels of movement.

    When you’re travelling around Ireland with a mobility aid, there are a few simple factors that should be considered.Powerscourt House and Gardens

    Destination: Most of Ireland is reachable if you are travelling by car or public transport, and

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  4. How to avoid slips & trips in wet and icy weather

    How to avoid slips & trips in wet and icy weather

    How to Avoid Slips and Trips in Icy Weather

    The cold and frosty weather is here and with MET Eireann issuing various colours of weather warnings, and temperatures plummeting into the minus fields, it can be easy to trip or fall on the wet and icy surfaces.

    Going for a walk can seem like a challenge if you have mobility issues and the fear of falling on slippy surfaces can cause further trepidation of leaving the house. If you are unfortunate to suffer a fall at some stage, the injury can be significant, and it can also be hard to get yourself motivated again. 

    Here are some tips to help prevent you from a fall:

    Many falls and slips happen as a result of decreased mobility and weaker muscles. Regular exercise inside the home can strengthen your muscles making them stronger to help avoid a slip.

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  5. Exercise aids for the elderly and people with restricted mobility

    Exercise aids for the elderly and people with restricted mobility

    Exercise Aids For The Elderly

    Older adults and people who are struggling with mobility due to an injury or disability, can often struggle to be as active as a they would like, however, this doesn’t mean they can’t exercise. There are many ways to be active, sometimes you can even exercise without even leaving your seat!

    Many of our products are suitable for people who are in a wheelchair, have arthritis, an injury or suffer from joint pains. Depending on the exercise you want to partake in, we supply a range of products including exercise pedals, gel handball exercisers and a range of the THERA products including the THERA Trainer Mobi 540.

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  6. Beechfield Healthcare Are The Irish Distributors Of The P'Pod

    Beechfield Healthcare Are The Irish Distributors Of The P'Pod

    We have become the only Irish Distributors of the P’Pod.

    The P'Pod in a vibrant blue

    The P'Pod product has been designed to offer disabled children and adults a comfortable seating experience with full support. It can be used at home or in day care centres and with its bean bag base, it’s easy to move around the house and doesn’t take up a lot of space unlike other supported chairs. The bean bag base allows the restricted user to feel at ease and relaxed while also receiving full postural support which in the long run is very influential for their development.The P'Pod in pink

    The P’Pod has a unique patented design that offers either a symmetrical

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  7. Handy Products Around The Home To Help Maintain Independence

    Handy Products Around The Home To Help Maintain Independence

    At Beechfield Healthcare we are huge supporters of community care and helping people to live independently in their own homes.  Our daily living range offers a wide range of products that make everyday life that little bit easier, especially that are mobility-impaired; whether from illness, injury, physical handicap or advanced age. A reaching device like one of our grabbers is ideal so you do not need to climb, stretch or overreach for items.  If you do have to climb for something, use a step stool with handrails.

    Dressing and Grooming

    For help with dressing and grooming, elastic shoe laces, dressing sticks, long handled hairbrushes, combs and stocking aids are just some helpful products.

    Kitchen Aids and Feeding

    If your hands are becoming a little unsteady, our easy grip range of cutlery is ideal as are our spill proof cups.  Make the kitchen a little easier with an Uccello tilt and pour kettle which is ideal for anyone with Arthritis.

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  8. Avoiding Trips & Falls This Winter

    Avoiding Trips & Falls This Winter

    With the weather to take a turn for the worse this week, everyone, especially the elderly, needs to take extra care. The consequences of a fall are far more serious for the elderly and that’s why they need to take precautions and mind themselves in the bad weather.

    Whether it’s the slippy footpath or something hidden by the ice or snow, there is no way of predicting a fall and it can happen suddenly. Sometimes being prepared for the worst can be the only way to prevent these trips and falls. Some of these precautions are things you can do for yourself and others are things you can do around your home.

    Personal safety

    • In icy weather and conditions, wear sensible, flat shoes with non-slip soles. If you really need to go outside, try to limit the walking you will be doing. (It is so important for elderly people to wear well-fitting shoes every day, not just during the bad weather!)
    • Have your eyes tested regularly. Poor
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  9. Exercise And The Elderly

    Exercise And The Elderly

    According to the HSE one of the most important steps in maintaining good health as we age is to exercise for 30 mins, 3-5 days a week. This exercise does not need to be strenuous but it is recommended that you get your heart beating a little faster and your lungs breathing a little deeper.

    Activities can range from everyday tasks such as working in the garden, washing the car, walking the dog or even strolling around the shops.


    Regular exercise in the elderly has shown brilliant health benefits. Such as:

    • Improved blood pressure
    • Improved sleeping pattern
    • Improved muscle function
    • Improved short term memory
    • Decreased heart disease
    • Decreased depression
    • Decreased risk of falling
    • Decreased risk of colon, breast, prostate, rectal cancer and dementia.
    • Decreased diabetes

    Exercise that is suited to you:

    One excellent form of exercise

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  10. Christmas Gift Ideas At Beechfield Healthcare

    Christmas Gift Ideas At Beechfield Healthcare

    This Christmas at Beechfield Healthcare, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your loved one. We have individual gifts and stocking filler packs that are ideal for those who need a little help with daily living, feeding and even exercising. We have gifts for him, for her and for the home. Why not buy your friends and family a stylish gift that they will really want and more importantly need. Our gift ideas range from long handled hairbrushes to comfortable fireside chairs, so don't miss out on these amazing gifts, start shopping today!

    The stocking filler packs are:

    The Dining Pack (€29.99)

    Dining Pack

    Contains an easy grip fork, knife and spoon, dining mat and coaster.

    • This dining pack is
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