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Pressure Cushions

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    3-chamber seat cushion provides optimum pressure relief
    Individually adjustable for ideal seating comfort
  2. Chair / Seat Backrest Cushion

    Helps you sit comfortably, even for prolonged periods of time
    Relieves back pain by reducing pressure on spine
  3. Valley Perineal Care Cushion

    Marked reduction on the reliance of any analgesia for pain relief
    For pain associated with anal or perineal wounds
  4. Serenade Cushion - Bariatric

    High risk cushion
    Increased 317.5kg (50st) max user weight
  5. Funke X Seat Lite Pressure Cushion

    Hyper elastic foam core with body shape
    Visco foam top plate/HR foam bottom plate
    Special Price €19.99 Regular Price €45.00
  6. Air Layer Cushion

    Microclimate management through the unique air-layer
    Vapour permeable Cover
    As low as €89.00
  7. Serenade Cushion

    High risk cushion
    Removable water resistant and vapour permeable Cover
    As low as €119.00
  8. Memaflex Cushion

    Available in 4 sizes
    Cover can be removed and washed up to 80 degrees
    As low as €69.00

Items 1-8 of 13

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