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  1. Avoiding Trips & Falls This Winter

    Avoiding Trips & Falls This Winter

    With the weather to take a turn for the worse this week, everyone, especially the elderly, needs to take extra care. The consequences of a fall are far more serious for the elderly and that’s why they need to take precautions and mind themselves in the bad weather.

    Whether it’s the slippy footpath or something hidden by the ice or snow, there is no way of predicting a fall and it can happen suddenly. Sometimes being prepared for the worst can be the only way to prevent these trips and falls. Some of these precautions are things you can do for yourself and others are things you can do around your home.

    Personal safety

    • In icy weather and conditions, wear sensible, flat shoes with non-slip soles. If you really need to go outside, try to limit the walking you will be doing. (It is so important for elderly people to wear well-fitting shoes every day, not just during the bad weather!)
    • Have your eyes tested regularly. Poor
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  2. Exercise And The Elderly

    Exercise And The Elderly

    According to the HSE one of the most important steps in maintaining good health as we age is to exercise for 30 mins, 3-5 days a week. This exercise does not need to be strenuous but it is recommended that you get your heart beating a little faster and your lungs breathing a little deeper.

    Activities can range from everyday tasks such as working in the garden, washing the car, walking the dog or even strolling around the shops.


    Regular exercise in the elderly has shown brilliant health benefits. Such as:

    • Improved blood pressure
    • Improved sleeping pattern
    • Improved muscle function
    • Improved short term memory
    • Decreased heart disease
    • Decreased depression
    • Decreased risk of falling
    • Decreased risk of colon, breast, prostate, rectal cancer and dementia.
    • Decreased diabetes

    Exercise that is suited to you:

    One excellent form of exercise

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