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  1. 6 Benefits Of A Rollator

    6 Benefits Of A Rollator

    When considering a mobility aid, rollators are regularly overlooked, despite being both practical and affordable to people with disabilities. They are a useful product to consider when purchasing a mobility aid for either you or a loved one. The following list provides six benefits to buying a rollator.

    Nitro Rollator from Beechfield Healthcare
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  2. Tips To Prevent Bathroom Falls

    Tips To Prevent Bathroom Falls

    The vast majority of falls in the home happen in the bathroom. Using the bathroom safely, independently and confidently can be a worry for you, or a loved one. We have compiled a list of tips that can help to prevent bathroom falls.

    1. Showers

    Make sure that the shower is easy to get in and out of. A modified shower can give easy access through a door to the bath, or a lowered step into the shower. Not only does this help prevent accidents for the older person, but it also allows for carers to assist without issues.

    2. Anti-Slip Mats/Flooring

    As simple as this one sounds, preventing slippery floors is essential for preventing falls in the bathroom. Anti-slip mats are a cheap and easy to use method of providing friction to a floor that has the potential to become slippery by water or other common bathroom items like shampoo and soap.

    3. Grab Rails

    Grab rails are a very popular

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