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  1. Choosing the best Bathroom Aids for you

    Choosing the best Bathroom Aids for you

    The bathroom is one room that all of us use many times a day. For people who are not so steady on their feet or find bending and stretching difficult, going to the bathroom can become a challenge and is potentially dangerous in terms of slips and falls. Our extensive range of bathroom products will help you to retain your privacy and independence in the bathroom by making your visits safer and more comfortable.

    What Bathroom Products Are Available?

    Bathing aids like bath boards and bath chairs help with getting in and out of the bath. A Bath Lift is suitable for someone with lesser mobility to help them get in and out of the bath. With a bath lift you can electronically lower yourself down into the bath. For the shower we have a wide range of shower stools and shower chairs. Grab rails are a cleaver safety addition to any bathroom and help greatly in minimising falls.

    The simple addition of a raised toilet seat or toilet frame can dramatically relieve the strain

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  2. Choosing the correct Bed and Mattress

    Choosing the correct Bed and Mattress

    A good night’s sleep is essential for our wellbeing. Due to illness or reduced mobility there comes a time that a few additions may be needed to your bedroom. Our range of quality bedroom products can give you that little bit of additional support you need without any compromise on your bedroom comforts.

    Choosing the Right Bed

    An adjustable electronic profiling bed is ideal for people suffering from medical conditions such as: Asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, arthritis, rheumatism, MS, back pain, circulation problems and many other conditions affecting mobility. An electronic bed offers all the support and positioning required while looking like a regular bed. For people who need even more support or are bedbound a fully profiling care bed is ideal.

    Choosing the Right Mattress

    All of our mattresses have been specifically designed to be used with our range of profiling electronic beds and profiling care beds. When selecting a mattress, it is important

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  3. Understanding Mobility Scooter Sizes

    Understanding Mobility Scooter Sizes

    Mobility is important and when your mobility is limited, it can slow you down. However, you don’t need to stop experiencing life the way you want to live it. If you are finding it harder and harder to get around and need occasional or part-time mobility assistance to perform your daily activities, a Mobility Scooter might be just the right solution for you.

    Scooters are a great option if you are looking to get out and about, they’re perfect for going shopping or running other errands and staying involved in your local community.

    Small Mobility Scooters

    Small scooters, also known as boot scooters, are ideal for short distances on even surfaces. They are compact enough that when dismantled they can fit in a car boot. The maximum range of a small scooter is typically 6-10 miles depending on the model. The top speed is approx. 4mph.

    Medium Mobility Scooters

    Medium scooters usually have better suspension, larger wheels and larger batteries

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