Stay Active & Independent With A Walking Aid

It can be easy to lose confidence in your balance if you are unsteady on your feet. This can often mean you stop getting out and about as much as you used to. This is where a Walking Aid can be invaluable. Some people initially reject a Walking Aids as they feel it represents dependence and disability. The reality is the opposite as Walking Aids offers an improved sense of stability, which in turn offers even more independence and freedom than before. If you feel you need an extra support, don’t restrict yourself, get a Walking Aid and stay active.

Which Walking Aid is right for me?

As with all Walking Aids your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist will recommend the right product based on your needs. From simple canes and walking frames to versatile 2-in-1 rollators, we’re here to lend you all the support you need to enjoy life to the full. Just contact us on 1890 989 353.

Types of Walking Aids

In general, Rollators are best if you can walk, but need help with balance and stability, or fatigue easily. If you cannot bear weight on one or both legs (for example, after surgery) but are otherwise mobile enough, a walker is generally the right choice. Our large range of Walking Sticks feature functional, sturdy and stylish Walking Sticks and Canes. We also stock a large range of crutches and some innovative products like the iWalk and Knee Walker.

Featured Products

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