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  1. The Key Benefits of a Riser Recliner

    The Key Benefits of a Riser Recliner

    Your OT may have recommended a specialist chair, in this instance a riser recliner, or you may have seen one in a friend’s house.

    You probably have your favourite chair, and it probably provides some level of support, but you should consider the following three questions:

    1. Do you find it difficult to sit down or get up?

    2. Do you need extra support?

    3. Do you sit in the same chair for long periods?

    With those questions in mind, a riser recliner is good in two ways:

    1. The rising action helps you sit down and stand up.

    2. The reclining action can make you more comfortable, especially if you are sitting down for a lot of the day.

    This can help with some medical problems. If it’s difficult to sit down and stand up, you may need someone to help you all day (or you may end up in the same chair all day). Or if you can’t get comfortable, you may e

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  2. Hospital Beds Go To Ukraine

    Hospital Beds Go To Ukraine

    Since the full-scale assault and invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, there has been a huge increase in the demand for hospital equipment to deal with the current and expected casualties from the conflict. This demand comes from within Ukraine itself and also from those counties that border with Ukraine as they are witnessing a massive influx of refugees from the conflict.

    In January of this year Beechfield Healthcare began the replacement of the existing bed and mattress fleet of over 500 beds in Tallaght University Hospital (TUH). A contractual obligation in the contract was the removal and safe disposal of the bed and mattress fleet. We decided to recycle the bed and mattress fleet by working with a charity that specialises in upcycling hospital equipment and distributing that equipment to hospitals in need. These hospitals are generally poorly resourced and are frequently challenged by a lack of medical equipment.

    James Gargan, commercial director at Beechfield Healthcare,

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  3. Benefits of Using a Pedal Exerciser

    Benefits of Using a Pedal Exerciser

    If you are recovering from an injury or have mobility challenges, a pedal exerciser will allow you to exercise in a safe and productive way. Key to pedal exercisers is their low impact; they are stationary, and they exert very little impact on your knees and joints. So, they are a perfect companion if you are recovering from injury and are unable, yet, to get back to your regular training routine. If mobility issues such as backache, joint ache, or arthritis are challenging you, the pedal exerciser is ideal to help you maintain an exercise routine. All from the comfort of your home.

    The pedal exerciser will help you in four key areas:

    1. Circulation - the physical activity is good for your circulation.
    2. Coordination - the gentle and repetitive activity of using the pedal exerciser improves coordination. 
    3. Muscle strength - stay active and maintain muscle mass and strength.
    4. Range of motion - the arc of the pedal exerciser will improve
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