Mental Health: Cognitive Function And Daily Living Aids

In the past ten years in Ireland, there has been a large increase in the level of knowledge around mental health. Stigmas that would once have been attached to mental health issues are being lifted because of education. Currently, the economic cost of mental health to the country of Ireland is €3 billion per year. Only illnesses that are associated with the heart are more of a financial burden on the country.

Cognitive function refers to a person’s perception, memory, thinking and awareness. In many cases, a decline in cognitive function leads to a deterioration in physical health. A deterioration in cognitive function can lead to a person needing aids to fulfil tasks associated with daily living and independence.

Often people who suffer a decline in cognitive function can have problems walking, talking, with mobility, incontinence and memory loss. These issues are most often found to affect the elderly. Cognitive function has a direct impact on a person’s

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