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  1. 5 Benefits Of Riser Recliners

    5 Benefits Of Riser Recliners


    Riser recliner armchairs are convenient for people with mobility issues. These armchairs can seat a person comfortably and assist them in rising to a safe standing position, with just a touch of a button. Here are another five reasons riser recliners are of benefit to people.

    It eases standing up

    For some people, getting up from seats can be a painful or awkward process. A riser recliner will ease this and make life more convenient for its user. By pressing a button on the chair, the seat and arms will slowly rise up, allowing that person to stand up. Another button on the seat will allow the chair to slowly move down when the user wishes to sit down.

    It provides convenience and independence

    With the easy-to-use controls on riser recliners, the user has a more control over their difficulties. The recliner provides them with the help that they need in standing up, and the ability to carry out activities alone and independently without the

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  2. Tips For Accident Prevention In The Kitchen

    Tips For Accident Prevention In The Kitchen

    “The kitchen is the heart of any home” is a popular phrase widely proclaimed by the masses. While the kitchen is a place for households and friends to commune and share food in comfort, it is also notorious for hosting a number of threatening household hazards, if its occupants aren’t careful. Beechfield Healthcare has the following tips on how to keep a safe and secure kitchen and avoid any potential dangers as you go about your daily business.

    Plan your kitchen the right way

    You might not be able to rearrange kitchen counters and large appliances but you can still be smart with the placement of your utensils. Having the right kitchen utensils near the correct units is a must for all kitchen owners, particularly those dealing with mobility or other physical issues. Keep oven mitts near the oven and make sure sharp objects such as knifes are safely stowed away in a convenient, easy-to-access location.

    Stay on top

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  3. Safety Tips For Mobility Scooter Users

    Safety Tips For Mobility Scooter Users

    Following on from our article on considerations when buying a mobility scooter, Beechfield Healthcare are here to share a number of tips related to mobility scooter safety.

    Read the instruction manual: 

    It may sound obvious but reading the instruction manual for your mobility scooter will help familiarise yourself with the functions and limitations of the scooter while also providing you with instructions on safe use, its capabilities on rough terrains, required maintenance and especially battery charging.

    Navigating ramped curbs: 

    With a mobility scooter, it is best to drive the scooter head-on at any ramped curbs. The manual should once again come in handy to instruct on the scooter’s ability to navigate steep ramps. Do not drive up ramps at an angle as this may cause the scooter to tip.

    Be visible: 

    When travelling by road, be aware that mobility

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