Independence At Home After A Hip Replacement

At Beechfield Healthcare, we regularly offer our expertise to people who have had hip replacement surgery. These customers are often referred to us by their occupational therapists and we have many products that can help them. Although every case is different there are some products available that can greatly improve mobility after the procedure. In this article, we will outline a list of products that will help improve movement, comfort and confidence.

1. The 5-Piece Hip Kit

This popular hip kit contains five useful products to make everyday living after hip replacement surgery easier. The hip kit includes:

  • A long handled bath sponge:
    As mentioned previously, the majority of falls in Ireland occur in the bathroom. This product will help anyone who has had hip replacement surgery and is experiencing mobility issues whilst using bathroom facilities.
  • A poly stocking aid: 
    This product helps the user put on socks with minimal effort. This tool does not put pressure on the hips as stretching and bending are not required when using the poly stocking aid.
  • A handheld reacher (81cm/32” in length): 
    This product is extremely mobile and multi-functional, meaning that no pressure is placed on the hip. This is an incredibly useful device to use for gaining independence and confidence around the house after hip replacement surgery.
  • A plastic shoe horn:
    This product is very similar to the poly stocking aid. It allows the user to put their shoes on with no pressure applied to the hips. It is lightweight, easy-to-use and slides onto the shoe with little effort.
  • Black, elastic shoelaces: 
    Tying laces can be an uncomfortable experience after hip replacement surgery. The product allows users to put on and take off shoes with ease. These elastic laces keep the shoes on comfortably and securely.

2. Oakham Chair

The Oakham Chair comes in brown vinyl with lumbar support on a metal frame with polyurethane arm-rests. The chair is adjustable in overall height, seat depth and back height; and it is generally padded and covered in vinyl for easy cleaning.

3. Chair Raisers

These cone-shaped grey raisers with slip resisting pads add height to the chair, making it easier to sit down on for people who have gone through hip replacement surgery.

4. Corner shower stool 

This corner stool can easily fit into the corner of most domestic showers. The product allows users to sit down and shower in a safe and comfortable manner. The stool takes pressure of the hips and helps prevent falls.

If you have any worries or you aren’t sure which product might suit best after hip replacement surgery, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experts are always willing to help.