Noreen Wlashs - Private Customer - Purchased a Trotter Mobilty Chair(TR1800)

Noreen and her husband were having difficulty finding a suitable chair for their teenage son. They came to us to have a look at one of our chairs and initially they took this chair away with them to trial it first to see if it met all their needs before purchasing it. 

"The chair is working very well for us. We have been searching for a long time for a buggy type wheelchair but the max weight capacity was always too low. The Trotter Chair is an ideal chair and so easy to push and folds away for easy storage, Thanking you."

Elaine Dobell, Head of Physiotherapy Galway University Hospitals, trialled the Thera Vital(A000-547) 

The Chartered Physiotherapists at University Hospital Galway trialled the Thera Vital Trainer over a three month period with a wide variety of clients specifically including those with MS, Stroke, deconditioning vascular problems and those with other medical and surgical conditions. It was found to be a beneficial adjunct to treatment and a useful piece of equipment to have in a Physiotherapy department.
It allows ffor both upper limb and lower limb passive and active training. It is easy to transport, allowing for use between ward and gym settings. It also has many features not seen on other passive/active trainers. The upper limb attachments are quick and easy to take on anf off and the radius of the turning circle can be adjusted to suit the particulr client. The unique colour screen provides accurate feedback and reports on the patients activity level e.g. left to right symmetry, duration, active versus passive percentage and distance covered.
"Patients found it easy to understand the parameters and the biofeedback screen allowing it to be used effectively as a record of progress and a motivational tool. We feel it would be of suitable benefit to many patients to be able to continue therapy sessions at home using the Thera Vital. We would have no hesitation in recommending the Thera Vital as a passive/active trainer to an appropriate patient."

Padraig Power, Limerick County Council, ordered the Bellavita Bath Lift (Z47):

"I wanted to thank you so much for sorting out the bathlift for my dad.  My dad and i are so appreciative of the new lift.  It has carried customer care to new levels.  I have told several people about your company. I mean sincerely if you are ever in Limerick please look me up and i will treat you to a coffee.  I wish you and your company all the best in the future"

Rosemary O'Regan, an Occupational Therapist from Blackberry Early Intervention Services, ordered the Seahorse Sanichair (F28158):

"It is fantastic. It makes having a shower or bath much easier for children and their parents. It is colourful and child friendly. Its great range of height adjustments and recline feature makes it so adaptable and it has a comfortable headrest also. I have even got a second!"