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  1. VacuAide Accessories

    Range of accessories for the Vacuaide
    Available as single or multi buys
  2. Ultrasonic Nebuliser

    Large volume ultrasonic nebuliser
    Optimal for humidification, sputum removal & aerosol therapy
  3. SleepDoc Porti 8 Polysomnography

    Fully automatic evaluation, diagnosis and report
    Optional extension of up to 38 channels
  4. SleepDoc Porti 7 Polygraph

    10 standard channels - Optional extension of up to 24 channels
    Can be used in hospital and at home
  5. VacuAide 7305

    Can operate on any AC voltage 100 V -240 V
    Help control infection
  6. Oxygen Conserver

    Detects light and heavy exhalation
    Delivers a 5:1 savings ratio from 14-40 breaths per minute
  7. Home Oxygen Filling Station

    Extracts and pressurises room air
    Unlimited refillable supply of oxygen
  8. Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Delivers up to 3lpm of constant flow oxygen
    Available with a cart or trolley
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