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  1. Solite 'Safe Side' Extension

    This extension is for use with the Solite 'Safe Side' Mesh side rails
  2. Bradshaw Bed Extension Kit

  3. Solite Pro Standard Side Rail Pad

    Side rails can still be lowered when the pads are in place
  4. Solite Pro Standard Side Rail Mesh Cradle

    This cradle allows the platform to be profiled as normal
  5. Solite Pro Side Rail Length Extension Pad

    Designed to extend the length of the Solite Pro integral side rail mesh pads
  6. Solite Pro Side Rail Height Extension Pad

    Full length side rail pads for use with Solite range of beds
  7. Solite Pro End Pads

    Protects the user from possible injury from the wooden headboard & foot end
  8. Solite Range Transfusion Pole

    Adjustable height transufion pole with 2 IV drip-bag attachments
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