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  1. Theia Air On Air Full Mattress Replacement

    Entire mattress cell system (excluding foam) can be removed and laundered
    Pump has comfortable controls and offers 2:1 alternating therapy
  2. Simple Air Mattress

    For users at a high risk of or have existing pressure ulcers
    Adjustable cycle times
    Out of stock
  3. Artemis Dynamic Mattress System

    Adjusts to the patients weight by utilising its intelligent detection capability
    X-ray translucent
  4. Apollo Dynamic Mattress System

    2 cell fully automatic alternating dynamic pressure therapy
    Auto weight detection
  5. Athena Low Airloss Mattress

    Designed for those who cannot tolerate a moving surface
    Rapid CPR
  6. Trio II (20)

    Delivers three cell alternation, providing comfort and pressure relief
    Heel zone
  7. Plus II (20)

    Full mattress replacement system for medium to high risk patients
    Static modes with variable pressure
  8. Solo II

    2 cell alternating pressure mattress therapy overlay system
    Visible and audible alarm
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