Community Care Equipment Hire

Beechfield Healthcare offer a comprehensive range of equipment hire solutions to Hospitals, Nursing Homes and the General Public.  Our nationwide rental service can be tailored to suit the needs of your home or institution.  We offer flexible rental solutions on virtually all the non-disposable products in our comprehensive portfolio.

No Capital Budget Expenditure

With no capital expenditure outlay required you can quickly and easily scale-up your facility. Our flexible rental solutions ensure that you are only paying for equipment you are using, thus making the most of your budget.

Flexibility for Unplanned Demand

Our flexible hire contracts are tailored to your exact requirements.  Unplanned spikes in demand can be catered for on a temporary basis without unexpectedly consuming capital expenditure budgets.

No Ownership Responsibility

When you rent equipment from Beechfield Healthcare you relieve your institution of the responsibility to safely dispose of equipment that has been damage, reached the end of its useful life or is simply no longer required.  Beechfield take full responsibility of equipment decontamination, recycling and disposal.