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With a Mobility Scooter, you can maintain your independence even when faced with limited mobility. Instead of letting mobility challenges slow you down, empower yourself to continue living life on your terms. If navigating your daily activities is becoming increasingly difficult, a Mobility Scooter could be the perfect solution to provide the occasional or part-time assistance you need.

Mobility Scooters are a great option if you are looking to get out and about. A Mobility Scooter gives you the freedom to go anywhere at any time, whether you’re shopping, visiting friends and family, or off on holiday. From compact travel scooters to long-range road-legal vehicles, we have the largest range of Mobility Scooters in Ireland.

Which Mobility Scooter do I need?

Small mobility scooters, also known as boot scooters, are ideal for short distances on even surfaces. They are compact enough that when dismantled they can fit in a car boot. Medium-sized mobility scooters usually have better suspension, larger wheels, and larger batteries which means that they can handle rougher terrain and have a longer range. Large mobility scooters are even bigger, and they can handle nearly all types of terrain. They usually come with indicator lights, headlamps, and a comfortable seat for a smoother journey.

Largest Range of Mobility Scooters in Ireland

Beechfield Healthcare offer Ireland's largest range of mobility scooters. We have a mobility scooter to suit every requirement. Call our dedicated customer care team on 0818 989 353 to discuss your mobility scooter requirements.



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