Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Mobility Scooter

When your mobility is limited, this is when you realise how important it really is. Simple errands like popping to the shops or visiting a neighbour can prove impossible. However, we here at Beechfield Healthcare, don’t think that limited mobility should stop you from getting around and doing the things you love. If you are finding it harder to move about and are relying on the help of others, it may be time to start thinking about investing in a mobility scooter.

Mobility Scooters come in a wide range of models, and are a great option for those who want to remain active despite their limited agility. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right mobility scooter for your specific needs. Some of these include:

Will you be using the scooter daily or just a couple of times a week?

If you are going to be relying heavily on your scooter then you must buy a good quality, durable scooter with a long life and extra comfort. If the scooter will only be used a couple of times a week then the bobcat scooter will be ideal for you.

Where will you be using the scooter?

If you are going to use the scooter indoors, in your home or in shopping centres, you will need a more compact scooter for smoother turns down halls and on shopping centre floors. However, if you plan on using the scooter outdoors, going to work or in the park, you will need a mobility scooter with a higher clearance for footpaths and a larger battery.

Will you need to bring it in the boot of the car?

If you need to regularly put the scooter into the boot, then you should choose a boot scooter. Boot scooters are lightweight, compact and are specially designed to be transported and folded, perfect for most car boots and days out.

What weight will be carried on the scooter?

Heavier users will need a more durable and hard-wearing mobility scooter. There are many contributing factors to the weight being carried on the scooter. These must be considered when choosing the right mobility scooter for your safety and needs. Many users forget to factor in the weight of breathing apparatus they may be using or shopping bags they may be carrying when choosing the right mobility scooter. Some people may have gained a little extra weight due to medication, a medical condition or lack of exercise due to limited mobility.

Is the user taller and will he or she need extra leg room?

If you are taller, you will need extra leg room for added comfort and safety. This will prevent you getting cramps and pains in your legs.

Will the scooter be used on long journeys, if so they will need a larger battery?

If you are going to use your scooter on longer journeys you will need a scooter with a larger battery to last the journey. When the battery is well maintained and charged daily it can last up to 3 years. It is important for the user to get into the habit of charging the battery daily and keeping an eye on its quality.

Where are you going to store your scooter?

It is recommended that your mobility scooter should be stored in dry conditions, not too warm or cold for maximum longevity and safety. Damp conditions are extremely damaging for the motor, battery and electrical elements of the scooter.


Here at Beechfield Healthcare, we are sure to have a mobility scooter to suit all your needs. We have an extensive range of scooters to choose from, and our experts are available to help at any time. Go to beechfieldhealthcare.ie to see our full range of mobility scooters, or phone us on 1890 989 353.