5 Benefits Of Riser Recliners


Riser recliner armchairs are convenient for people with mobility issues. These armchairs can seat a person comfortably and assist them in rising to a safe standing position, with just a touch of a button. Here are another five reasons riser recliners are of benefit to people.

It eases standing up

For some people, getting up from seats can be a painful or awkward process. A riser recliner will ease this and make life more convenient for its user. By pressing a button on the chair, the seat and arms will slowly rise up, allowing that person to stand up. Another button on the seat will allow the chair to slowly move down when the user wishes to sit down.

It provides convenience and independence

With the easy-to-use controls on riser recliners, the user has a more control over their difficulties. The recliner provides them with the help that they need in standing up, and the ability to carry out activities alone and independently without the need for aid from family, friends or a carer.

It’s a source of comfort

Riser recliners are built for comfort and provide a relaxing seating experience for its users. These soft, cushioned armchairs will allow the user to recline back and forwards and rest their feet on the footrests in a position that suits them best. The user can adjust the seat forward for reading, watching television and socialising or push it back for sleeping and resting.

It can help ease physical ailments

Electric recliner risers are of great benefit to people with back problems and swollen legs as they lighten certain symptoms and conditions associated with these ailments. These seats will distribute the user’s weight evenly so there is less pressure on joints and muscles. The ability to move positions will also aid healthy blood circulation, preventing illnesses and sores.

There are a variety of extra features available

There are many types of riser recliner chairs, that will be suited to each individual and any ailments they may have. Some recliners have heating and massage features to ease pain, aid circulation and increase comfort. Some chairs will even extend completely flat, allowing its user to enjoy short periods of sleep. Riser recliners come in all shapes, sizes and styles so the right one should be out there to match its user requirements.


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