Discreet Incontinence Wear For Comfort & Confidence

Any degree of incontinence is frustrating, uncomfortable and can have a big impact on your day to day life. From mild leaks to more serious cases, our range of discreet incontinence wear has been developed to provide you with complete confidence and peace of mind.
Suitable for those with active lifestyles, the range will provide protection for users with very light to severe incontinence. Our products are discrete and offer more absorbency than ever before.

Incontinence Pads

Incontinence pads are ideal for people with mild to moderate incontinence. They are discrete pads that fit into your own underwear and let you get on with enjoying your life. Incontinence pads are available in a range of sizes and absorbency levels so we are confident that we can meet your needs. We also have a separate range of incontinence pads for men and incontinence pads for women. Incontinence stretch pants are also available. The incontinence stretch pants are ideal for holding incontinence pads in place. They are made from a breathable fabric and are machine washable.

Incontinence All-in-Ones

Incontinence All-in-One pads are ideal for people with heavy or severe incontinence or double incontinence. Offering a larger pad size and much more absorbency, the All-in-One product offers even more protection. They are available in 3 sizes and the absorbency level goes up to 4060ml on the extra-large size, keeping you dryer for longer.

Incontinence Pants or Pull Ups

Incontinence Pull Ups are ideal for anyone who doesn’t like wearing pads and would like the extra protection of a Pull Up. Often known as an adult diaper or adult nappy, the pull up offers maximum protection. There is no danger of an incontinence pull up slipping and the soft elasticated sides are versatile enough not to restrict movements. The incontinence Pull Up offers a unique double pad system for maximum absorbency. These incontinence pants come in a range of sizes and are ideal for incontinence in men and women.

Incontinence Bed Pads

Bed Pads are a perfect addition for anyone suffering with incontinence that may need some extra protection during the night. Protect your mattresses from any leaks and keep your bed fresh and clean. Available in 2 sizes, the larger bed pad offers an absorbency level of 2090ml. We also stock a range of waterproof bedding in a range of sizes from single to king size.

Which Incontinence Product Is Right For Me?

Choosing the right product will depend on the level of protection that you require and on what type of product you prefer. Your Public Health Nurse or GP can help advise you on what may work best. Alternatively give us a call on 1890 989 353 and our team can guide you through all the options.

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