Understanding Commodes And Their Uses

A commode is a mobile toilet, that is suitable for the bedroom and can be moved from one room to another.

Who uses a commode?

Commodes can be a life changing piece of equipment and are perfect for anyone who is bed bound, or recovering from an operation or an accident and needs a toilet solution nearby or downstairs to reduce walking distance. For the larger person, a bariatric version of the product may be more comfortable to use. We have a wide range of bariatric toilet seats, bariatric commodes and bariatric shower commodes. Most of our commodes are height adjustable which makes life easier for the user.


What does a commode look like?

A commode usually looks like a chair and can come with or without wheels. They are available in a range of colours and styles.to suit the users wants and needs. We also have commodes that look like normal wicker chairs for ultimate discretion.


Top Tips when choosing the perfect commode for your needs?

  • Consider your agility and do you need a static or wheeled commode?
  • Do you need a shower commode?
  • Where will you use your commode or will you be moving it about the house?
  • Will you need your commode long-term or just for a recovery period?
  • Consider the weight of the user? Do you need a standard or bariatric model?
  • Are you already in a wheelchair? Do you need removable armrests for ease of transfer?


Our product specialist will help to select the right commode for your needs. Contact us now or call us on 1890 989 353