Tips For Accident Prevention In The Kitchen

“The kitchen is the heart of any home” is a popular phrase widely proclaimed by the masses. While the kitchen is a place for households and friends to commune and share food in comfort, it is also notorious for hosting a number of threatening household hazards, if its occupants aren’t careful. Beechfield Healthcare has the following tips on how to keep a safe and secure kitchen and avoid any potential dangers as you go about your daily business.

Plan your kitchen the right way

You might not be able to rearrange kitchen counters and large appliances but you can still be smart with the placement of your utensils. Having the right kitchen utensils near the correct units is a must for all kitchen owners, particularly those dealing with mobility or other physical issues. Keep oven mitts near the oven and make sure sharp objects such as knifes are safely stowed away in a convenient, easy-to-access location.

Stay on top of things

Food preparation will result in dirty cutlery, scattered utensils and spillages across kitchen floors, appliances and units. For a healthy kitchen environment, it is best to clear up spoils as soon as possible. A clean environment will protect you from harmful bacteria, particularly if you’re susceptible and vulnerable to common illnesses. Wiping up spillages prevent any falls or injuries. Be careful that heated units, such as cooking hobs, kettles or cooking appliances, are given time to cool before cleaning.

Don’t be complacent

Using kitchen appliances is such a common thing for homeowners that we sometimes take kitchen safety for granted. There are many small mistakes in the kitchen that can lead to accidents. Never cook while wearing loose clothing or accessories as these can get caught in utensils or catch fire. Make sure to wash hands thoroughly before food preparation to rid yourself of harmful bacteria. Turn pot handles away from the front of the stove to prevent dangerous spillages and make sure to store away temperature sensitive foods as quickly as possible.

Look into making adjustments

For people struggling with disabilities, there are hireable professionals out there who can make adjustments to aid and convenience you in the kitchen. There are many mod cons available for kitchens nowadays such as pan holders that keep pots in place when in use, wall ovens, adjustable countertops, pull-out surfaces and sling belts which attach to counters and help people stand more securely.

The kitchen may be the heart of the home but it’s not without its dangers. By following the above tips, you can ensure a greater level of security in your home and avoid dangerous occurrences in future.