Preventing Pressure Ulcers

This coming Thursday, November 17th, hospitals and many other healthcare facilities will take time out to promote and educate the wider healthcare community and general public on how to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

Pressure ulcers, when they are allowed to develop, are a notoriously difficult affliction to treat and heal.

Though the Worldwide Pressure Ulcer day leads with Stop Pressure ulcers, the real message is all about prevention.

The basics of (pressure ulcer) prevention is all about education. The more people that know about pressure ulcers and how to prevent them, then the less people that will present with them. If you know nothing about pressure ulcers, this short video is well worth a watch: - those most likely to suffer from pressure ulcers - steps you can take to prevent pressure ulcers

At 1 min 21 seconds, it's as short a video as you'll watch all year.  


In today's health care environments, there have been incredible advances in the treatment of pressure ulcers. One such area is in mattress pressure care technology. Here at Beechfield Healthcare, we are at the forefront of introducing this technology to Ireland with the Hybrid-Power mattress from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare.

The Hybrid-Power mattress support surface combines the pressure redistributing properties of high specification foam, with dynamic therapy. It's proven to be a game changer in the successful treatment of pressure ulcers.