5 Considerations When Buying A Stairlift

For people struggling with mobility issues in a multi-storey home, a stairlift is often the most practical solution to moving between different levels of a house with relative ease and comfort. Before making such a purchase, however, it is important to do your research and consider the following points so that you buy the stairlift that best meets you or a loved one’s individual needs.

1. Consider the budget: 
It is important to consider the budget when buying a stairlift. If you or a loved one has a considerable budget, then a brand new high quality stairlift can be purchased. If on a tight budget, you might consider buying or renting a pre-owned or reconditioned stairlift. Most pre-owned stairlifts should be under warranty and cover any maintenance costs. 

2. Know the staircase details for stairlift installation: 
It is good to determine the length, width and shape of the staircase before purchase. Stairlifts will work on most stairs whether they are straight, curved or helical. This also applies to staircases with one or more of these factors, such as a mostly straight staircase with curved steps near the top and/or bottom. The more details that can be provided to the stairlift installation service, the more accurate the installation quote will be.

3. Look out for additional safety features:
Many stairlift providers will install stairlifts that come equipped with a range of safety features. Such features include arm and foot rests, swivel seats, remote controls and emergency stop buttons among others.

4. Purchase from a reliable source:
It is extremely important to purchase a stairlift from a trusted company. A genuine installer will provide the right system without causing many modifications to the structure of you or a loved one’s home. They will also be able to provide advice and perform the required maintenance to the stairlift if it is under warranty.

5. Choose a stairlift with warranty:
It is always better to choose a stairlift with warranty. This will provide you or the stairlift user with services that are free of charge, should there be any issues. It is important to get a stairlift with long warranty so that you can be assured that the system will be taken care of, especially after long-term use.

If you have any questions about buying a stairlift or need further advice before deciding on stairlift installation, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We will be happy to offer recommendations and guidance.