As we get older, it is important to maintain as much independence as possible to maintain good health and quality of life. Beechfield Healthcare has the following tips for older people living at home and how they can continue to maintain independence around the house.

1.  Have a positive, can-do attitude

As we get older and begin to slow down, it is often the case that elderly people find themselves becoming overly-reliant on others to assist them at home. While no-one should overexert themselves, it’s important to have an enthusiastic, take-charge attitude when approaching potential obstacles around the house.

2.  Research devices and aids that can help around the house

Some senior citizens may have a physical disability that might reduce their independence levels around the home. To deal with obstacles like these, there are a number of devices and gadgets that can help like canes, reachers and grab bars. Consulting a healthcare professional and practising the use of such devices can inspire confidence and resourcefulness around the house.

3.  Keep the body and mind active

It is very important for senior citizens to keep their minds and bodies active, not only to maintain good health but independence too. Light exercise and logic-based tasks such as puzzles and games within the home can ensure a better quality of life and freedom for elderly people.

4.  Take note of any prescribed medication

For many older people, it is important to take note of any prescribed medications they may need to take on a daily or weekly basis. Draw up a schedule of required medications and place it in a familiar place so that the elderly person knows what medications to take and when.


If you are looking for more information on senior independence in the home and further tips and recommendations on how to make life more comfortable for you or a loved one, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts are always willing to help.