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Bariatric Rollators

Bariatric Rollaters -Offers Extra Strength & Stability 

A major challenge many bariatric patients have when choosing a walking aid is that they simply do not trust that the product can take their weight. Quite often we find bariatric patients are nervous of damaging or breaking their walking aids and as a result they are reluctant to use them to their full advantage. Below we have listed our range of bariatric rollators, some of which have been especially engineered to take a weight capacity of up to 325kg / 51st.

Who Are Bariatric Rollators Most Suitable For? 

Our bariatric rollators can accommodate a range of different needs and larger weight capacities. Each of our bariatric rollators come with a heavy duty seat to allow the user to sit down when needed and to prevent fatigue. They are specifically designed for users with a weight capacity of 28st and above.

How do Bariatric Rollators Work?

A bariatric rollator is essentially a heavy duty walking frame with wheels and a seat. They are made to have a large surface area to reduce the risk of falls and accidents and they have 8 inch heavy duty tyres for extra safety. Each of our heavy duty rollators have ‘feather touch’ brakes which mean the brakes are extra sensitive and easy to use, even if the user has arthritis. This gives the users far more confidence in their rollator as they know they are safe and supported by it. 

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