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Powering independent mobility
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Powering Independent Mobility

Powerchairs, also known as Electric Wheelchairs, are designed for people who are unable to walk or are only able to walk very short distances. Powerchairs enable you to remain independent in your own home or nursing home and also allow you to get out and about. Most Powerchairs are driven by the user via a joystick control. While many people are a little apprehensive and doubt their ability to control the chair with the joystick, with a little guidance they soon get the hang of it and before they know it they’re whizzing about!

Which Powerchair is right for me?

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when choosing a Powerchair, for instance is it for indoor or outdoor use, how much time will you spend in the chair and how will you wish to transport it. Our advice would be to contact our specialist seating team and together we will organise an assessment and recommend the right chair for you.

Find out more about choosing the right Powerchair
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