Acute Mattresses & Pressure Care

At Beechfield Healthcare, we have a large range of Acute mattresses and pressure cushions in stock. From gel cushions to advanced fully automatic dynamic therapy systems and all points in between, we offer a comprehensive choice of pressure-relieving mattresses and cushions to suit all environments and clinical requirements.

We work with Clinicians to achieve optimum levels of patient care, comfort and safety through our range of dynamic, static and hybrid pressure area care mattresses.

If you require a quote, simply add the product(s) of your choice to the online quotation by using the ‘add to quote button’ and submit. Please note, you must have a verified Clinician account to avail of this service. If you wish to set up a clinician account, please click here.

If you would like to speak to one of our customer service advisors, please call 0818 989 353 and we will help you to complete your order or give you the contact details of your local Beechfield Healthcare CHO rep.