Revolutionising Paediatric Seating: Unveiling the P’Pod – Elevating Comfort, Enhancing Support, and Empowering Therapists!

According to HSE statistics*, the estimated prevalence of physical disability among children stands at a mere 0.5%. Remarkably, this indicates that approximately 3.5% of the entire child population, consisting of those attending a Children’s Disability Network Team (CDNT) and grappling with complex needs, will encounter physical disabilities. This encompassing term encompasses a spectrum, ranging from conditions like cerebral palsy to those originating from genetic, metabolic, or brain-related disorders, as well as injuries sustained during childhood.

A formidable challenge faced by multidisciplinary CDNT teams revolves around securing seating solutions that offer comprehensive postural support, tailor-made to address the intricate needs of each child.

Enter the Award-Winning P’Pod.

Distinguished as the sole beanbag seating system boasting complete postural support, the P’Pod emerges as a ground-breaking solution. Painstakingly developed to tackle the prevalent issue of instability associated with conventional bean bags, the P’Pod's ingenious design provides unparalleled support and stability, ensuring a more comfortable seating experience while promoting optimal posture. Merging the simplicity of a conventional bean bag base with a symmetrical or custom-moulded seat pod, the P’Pod redefines comfort and functionality.

Key Features:

Suitable for All Ages: Adaptable to diverse age groups.

Wide Range of Vibrant Colors: Aesthetic diversity to suit individual preferences.

Standard or Custom Made: Tailored to specific requirements.

Consistent Support: Maintains stability and support consistently.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle: Enhances mobility and usability.


Complemented by a spectrum of accessories, the P’Pod encourages users to personalize their seating experience:

Mobile Base: Lightweight and door-friendly, with a folding option.

Activity Frame: An interactive addition (toys not included).

Lap Tray: Featuring a beanbag underside for added convenience.

Growth Liners: Removable liners for growing kids, extending the P’Pod's lifespan.

Freestanding Tray: Height and angle adjustable for diverse activities.

Foot Bolster: Adjustable height for enhanced comfort.

Harnesses: A variety of harness options available.

Personalized Embroidery: Infuse a touch of individuality into your P’Pod.

Flip-Over Headrest: Additional head support, discreetly stowed when not in use.

Lateral Bolster: Reduces chair width while providing extra support.

Temperature Control: Incorporated liner for maintaining optimal body temperature.

The revolutionary P’Pod not only transforms the lives of children with complex needs but also serves as an invaluable tool for occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Its ergonomic design and customisable features empower therapists to fine-tune seating solutions, addressing the unique postural requirements of each child. By seamlessly integrating support and stability, the P’Pod streamlines therapeutic interventions, allowing professionals to focus on refining motor skills, enhancing mobility, and promoting optimal development.

The P’Pod's versatility, coupled with an array of accessories, facilitates therapists in tailoring interventions to specific therapeutic goals. Its lightweight and mobile design enable therapists to navigate different environments effortlessly, fostering flexibility in treatment settings. As therapists witness the positive impact on their young clients, the P’Pod becomes an indispensable asset, simplifying their efforts to provide targeted and effective care. In essence, the P’Pod isn't merely a seating solution; it's a transformative tool that elevates the effectiveness of occupational therapy and physiotherapy practices, making a profound difference in the lives of both therapists and the children they serve.

To find out more about the P'Pod, please reach out to one of our P'Pod specialists:

Michael Healy, Area Representative for HES CHO Areas 6, 7 & 9
Tel: 087 988 1450

Alec Farrell, Area Representative for HSE, CHO Areas 1, 2 & 8
Tel: 087 243 2074

Andrew Burgoyne, HES CHO Areas 3, 4 & 5
Tel: 087 238 5359

* Progressing Disability Services for Children and Young People - Guidance on Specialist Supports