We are delighted to announce the launch of new S3 software for the Bimeo Pro. This new software will enable more engaging therapy to the patients with 5 new motivating tasks, which they can enjoy. The new tasks are challenging, but there are also changes in the existing scenarios which will encourage patients to engage into the existing scenarios. The patients will have more choice when selecting the tasks and will be encouraged to perform therapy with greater intensity.  

The new S3 software includes 5 new therapy scenarios:

  • Shop (ADL) scenario
  • Marketplace (ADL) scenario
  • Alphabet (Cognitive) scenario
  • Points (Cognitive) scenario
  • Shark (Games) scenario

Also included are changes to existing scenarios:

  • Redesign of Fruitpicker scenario
  • Improved physics in Tic toc scenario with added Adaptive difficulty
  • Orientation of Tic toc scenario according to selected joint 
  • New photos added to Slide and Puzzle scenario
  • Theme of cards can be selected in game setting for Memory scenario
  • Driving in dark on medium and hard difficulty in Racer scenario 
  • Easier selection of the tasks in data analysis – switching only among performed tasks, whereas the left menu is disabled.

Other changes to the software:

  • Switching the rocket has been removed from the rocket scenario
  • Snowball scenario – negative points when dwarf hit player
  • Default speed slower in Tracking scenario
  • Slide scenario bug fixed 
  • Kitchen scenario bug fixed 
  • Export PDF bug fixed
  • Intro screen in all scenarios is shorter
  • Degrees in ROM setting for joints were removed
  • Alignment option is removed
  • Language corrections in Dutch, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese