Keeping Mum & Dad at Home. Part 3-Kitchen

When your movement gets more restricted, it becomes harder to carry out everyday tasks in your home. For some elders, it can be difficult to open a jar or bottle, slice a tomato, unplug an appliance, pick something up off the ground or even carry a cup of tea to another room. Our products can assist you with these simple tasks, so you don’t have to depend on other people. 

Handy Grabber

If moving around the house is becoming a struggle due to muscle or joint pain, you can use one of our walking sticks for extra stability. If your parent suffers from hip or knee problems and it is difficult for them to bend over and pick up something from the floor or table, then one of our handy grabbers can make it easier for them. When your kitchen has high cupboards or shelving, it can be difficult to reach for certain items with restricted mobility due to age or injuries. We provide a step stool which has a long handle making it easy for it to be moved around to different cupboards or shelves or even rooms. It will help increase your height, making the stretch that little bit easier.


Uccello Tilt and Pour KettleFor some parents, strength and steadiness can be their main scuffle. To overcome this, we have a jar/bottle opener which has an easy-grip making it simpler for the user to get a hold of it and open it. There is an automatic can opener that takes the stress off trying to pull the clip up or open it with a standard can opener. For cutting vegetables like tomatoes, it can be difficult to hold the vegetable steady with one hand, while cutting it with the other. The slicing helper will hold the food sturdy for you while the knife will cut it into even slices using the slots. It can also be tough for your parents to hold a knife, with a small handle. Beechfield Healthcare has easy-grip cutlery including knives, forks and spoons all of which have a thicker handle, making it handier for people who struggle with a tight grip or arthritis.

When it comes to boiling a kettle, making a cup of tea and carrying it to the table or living room to relax, your parents may become frustrated with the small switches on kettles, lifting it to pour the water out, holding a cup, carrying it to the table or even drinking from cups with small handles. The Ucello Tilt and Pour kettle delivers hot water in a safe and steady manner which will help to make the user more confident. Your Mam or Dad just places their mug at the front of the kettle and once it boils, they just use the ergonomically designed handle to tip the kettle forward so the water pours in the direction of the mugs. If your parent battles with the small handles on their cups, our two-handled cups can make it less stressful to drink their tea, or our spill-proof or universal cups which also have handles could be used along with our towel bibs. Our extra-deep lap tray can be used to help them transport their beverages from their kitchen counters to their tables or their desired area. If a drink is spilt on the tray, the deep edges cater for it to be kept inside the tray and not go any further, this gives you less cleaning up to do.Banana Board

Sometimes moving from chair to chair can also be hard for your parents if they suffer from mobility issues. Our Banana Board Prime can help them slide from one space to another with ease. The board bridges any gaps that might be in the way of their movement which will make it easier for them to move from one end of the table to the next. This appliance can also be used in different areas in the house too. 

All of these appliances and aids can make a huge difference to your Mam or Dad’s life with very little effort and that will then make them more confident when it comes to their own independence.